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I have been thinking about signing up for a TradeXchange subscription. Does the subscription require a contract or does it have a minimum specified term that I must oblige to?

No! The TradeXchange subscription does not require a contract, and you may cancel at any time. All

cancellations will be effective immediately upon receipt. To cancel your subscription, simply email us at:

[email protected] or reach out to us directly at (203) 939-1250.

When will I be billed for my subscription?

The TradeXchange will bill you based on your selected subscription terms: Monthly, Semi-Annually or Annually. As with any subscription service you will be charged automatically on your renewal date.

How can I update my billing information?

To update your billing information, please reach out to us directly at (203) 939-1250 and a team member will be happy to assist you! You can also reach out Via the NewsDesk Ask The Desk our secure portal. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, please email us directly at: [email protected]. You may also reach out to us directly at (203) 939-1250.


I signed up for a subscription, however I still have not received my credentials - what should I do?

If you signed up for an account after business hours (Monday - Friday 7am-5pm EST) or during a holiday, please note that you will receive your credentials at the start of the following business day by 9am EST. If you do not receive the credentials, please reach out to us directly at [email protected] or at (203) 939-1250.

I am not receiving the daily analytics to my email such as the Morning Mash-Up and the Market Wrap-Up. What should I do?

If you are a member and you are not receiving the analytics, please check your spam and be sure to white list our emails. If you still experience issues please email us directly at [email protected] and we will work to rectify the issue immediately.


Do you cover international markets?

At this time we solely cover US markets, but we do cover any major headlines on an international basis.

Do you have an app?

Our app is currently in process of being created. However, our members have the ability to access our services via mobile or browser.

Do you provide guidance or recommendations?

No, we are strictly a real time news provider. We provide actionable information to traders so that they can make trading decisions based on their experience, values and needs.

Is your information in real-time and unbiased?

All of our information is in real time. No one at The TradeXchange is permitted to trade so none of our NewsDesk employees will front run you for their benefit or put out biased information.

What type of information is provided in the NewsDesk?

We provide real time, actionable information for US markets regarding: unusual option activity, insider and company SEC filings, smart filtered social media news, volatility and volume alerts, geo-political information, macroeconomic news and much more.


The platform looks like a chat, am I allowed to post?

No, only TX NewsDesk employees are allowed to post on the platform. Our team is highly experienced and follows a unique process to ensure a high accuracy and integrity of posted updates.

Can I filter the Information?

No, at this time the NewsDesk nor Forum are capable of filtering information.

The font is too large/small in the NewsDesk / Forum, is it possible to adjust the font size?

Yes! To adjust the font size in either the NewsDesk or the Forum, simply hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard and press the + or - sign on your keyboard to increase or decrease the size of the font.

How do I access the search tool in the TX NewsDesk?

To perform a search in the NewsDesk, click on 'Search" in green on the top right toolbar. You can look up search words, ticker symbols or search by date.

Do you have a Dark Mode?

Yes, on the drop down menu feature of the NewsDesk, there is a sun/moon symbol that you can click on to change the background color from light to dark.

Can I adjust the scrolling?

Yes, on the drop down menu feature you will see an arrow symbol where you can switch the direction of incoming posts from top to bottom or vice versa.

What do the colors in the NewsDesk Mean?

Any postings in RED represent unusual option activity. Postings in PURPLE represent SEC filings such as Form 4, 8-K, 13-G, 13-D, S-3, S-3ASR etc. Postings in BLUE are economic data postings. Any posting in ORANGE represents fed speaker comments.

The notification sounds are no longer coming through the NewsDesk, how can I fix this?

There are several reasons why your sounds may have stopped. If you recently changed your sound settings you will need to wait for at least 3 news posts to come through before the sound returns. You may also be experiencing browser issues, we recommend trying Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. If you continue to experience issues with your sound please call us at (203) 939-1250.


Does the NewsDesk and the Squawk have the same login information?

Yes, the Squawk and NewsDesk are now in 1 portal making it easier to access and only needing to log into one area.

Can I mute the Squawk?

Yes, If you click on the broadcast symbol (Squawk button) on the top right corner, you can turn it on and off. When it's on, a green light (small circle) will appear. When you turn it off, there is no light there.

Can I listen to a Squawk again if I missed it?

Yes, If you click on the hamburger bar to the right of the broadcast symbol, the Squawk Player will appear with a recording from the past 24 hours. These can be played back if you missed it or wanted to hear it again.

Can I adjust the volume?

Yes, next to the Squawk symbol, there is a vertical bar with a circle that you can move up and down causing the volume to go higher and lower.

Why can't I hear the squawk?

If you're unable to hear the real-time squawk audio, ensure that the GREEN DOT is ON over the squawk broadcasting logo. Activate it with a simple click on the squawk broadcasting logo. For optimal performance, we recommend users to utilize the NewsDesk with Google Chrome, as users on other browsers may encounter issues. Additionally, please remember to refresh your NewsDesk daily to prevent any potential disruptions.